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Holden endeavors to improve our environmental impact by evaluating our whole process. When choosing materials, factory partners, and shipping options, we work hard to determine the best ways to make the least impact and still deliver a top quality product.

Let's face it; no product is 100% eco-friendly. That’s why Holden products are Eco-friendlier. It’s our honest way of telling you that we’re always striving our hardest to be as earth-friendly as possible while acknowledging that we can never be perfect. We continually evaluate our process, waste, partners and community for ways to be more involved and reduce our impact. It all comes down to transparency and trust. Every Holden customer can know that when they buy from us, they’re getting a product that was made with as little waste as possible that supports people who work hard to protect our environment.

For Holden, creating environmentally friendly products represents a moral imperative, not a trendy feature set. We do more than simply establish a token “green collection.” We inject sustainability into everything we do. Holden products utilize recycled fabrics and insulations, and also offer a water-resistant fabric coating that’s PFOA-free, simply because it’s the right thing to do. We even package our products in fully biodegradable, acetate ethylene bags. 

Our focus has always been on trying to develop more natural looking, eco-friendlier fabrics that don't look like performance fabrics. To execute this in a high-quality way and still achieve the highest level of performance is still one of the most interesting developments in technical materials to me.” – SZ, Design Director

Holden spends countless hours and resources innovating in the eco-field. From developing a world's first, award-winning “eco-friendlier” performance hemp fabric to sourcing solvent-free laminations, the list goes on.